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The Software Commission Export-SOFEX-of the Guatemalan Association of Exporters-AGEXPORT-and Hospitalizations-UNI University First Place otoragan innovation award 2011 for ACE Technologies for its significant technological advance in the implementation of innovative software solutions.

The expert, who was awarded the Innovation of Agexport in 2011, explains the challenges he faced to digitize the geographical territory of Central America, and trends that will shape the discipline.


Why decided to use their geolocation?

When I graduated from college I realized how some companies in developed countries took advantage of geographical information systems to optimize the distribution of resources in mass consumer products, like soda and chips.

What we did in Ace Technologies was to offer local firms that manage vehicle fleets planning and structuring of the routes to be followed to reach their customers in different parts. Was achieved through digital mapping and incorporating GPS in cars, because this way we validate that our plan should be implemented fully, in order to save time, money and human resources.


How did the digitization of the territory of the region?

It was a job that lasted many years. The U.S. company Esri global leader in geographic information systems, provided us the tools to plot maps of Central America, for which ship vehicles with high precision GPS to walk all the streets and roads. The information collected was supplemented with satellite photos and historical maps obtained in government entities.


What are the most important projects you have worked?

Our early work made them with some sugar mills who digitally mapped their farms so they could measure production. In addition, we structure the entire country’s electricity network in the area of ​​power transmission and distribution. We diagram also dimensionally some coffee farms to determine the elevation of the place. This is a requirement to apply for an export license.


What is the future of geolocation?

These systems will be incorporated into almost any electronic device in the next five years. Applications that include this technology have become important. For example, many have the custom to monitor traffic through Waze tool. Soon we will see that the user will receive notification on the phone that the refrigerator is empty and then the phone will trace the route to reach the nearest supermarket.